About us

Zenex is one of the leading supplier of security products like video surveillance system, Access control, metal detector & other electronic systems having presence across the globe.
Our expert Security management encompasses a leveled approach to foresee, analyze and implement business security requirements of any form or magnitude.
We provide an accurate assessment of the cost of implementation for any security assignments and a follow-up implementation plan with the help of reliable information derived from years of tireless service to our customers.
About Us
Zenex Security was established in the year 2004, Zenex has experienced aggressive growth over the last decade, due to its word wide customers recognition of Zenex's organizational excellence, marketing endeavors, technological advancement, innovative quality products, and exceptional service. Our charter is to develop and manufacture high quality cost effective products to meet today's stringent requirements. Zenex Security is staffed with highly trained, experienced, and creative individuals specializing in the development and manufacturing of high performance products & services.